Getting Your Foot In The Door With Online Dating

With the growing network of the internet entwining and engulfing us slowly by the day, it is not surprising that some of us have found love through this medium.

And at the same time, it is also true that a large number of us have been hoodwinked into a fake relationship. Everybody will agree that the world of online dating is a tad shady (if not fantastic), but it does hold out to some lucky ones who have found the love of their lives through it. The internet provides you with arguably the largest window to meet prospective partners and soul mates – whether that is with online dating or booking yourself a companion. So welcome to the alluring world of online dating!


Below we have provided you with some advice which you can pay heed to, while you date online. These will not only increase your chances of a successful date, but also provide you a better dating experience and reduce risks of heartbreak. So read on…

  • First things first: you must be cautious that this is a virtual world where all you see is NOT all you get. People often tend to exaggerate about their capabilities in their profiles which is easily found out when you go out together. This is a huge dampener: it leads to disillusionment with relationships, lack of confidence in one’s sense of judgment and also heartbreak. So my advice would be not to rely on all that you see or set store by them.

However, this also implies that be truthful as far as possible if you want to attract a partner seriously.

  • Invest in a good profile picture– Profile pictures are crucial in forming first impressions. And who doesn’t know that your first impression goes a long way in shaping the potential date’s idea about you? Take a look at the profile pictures used on this website, as you can see they really put effort into making them all look right. Your ideal profile picture should be an extension of your personality, preferably not grumpy or sullen-looking and smart and reliable-looking.
  • Do not ask too many personal questions as it can be very uncomfortable to the other person. Your date can find you pestering, creepy or plain too much inquisitive.
  • Be careful about how you behave. Irrespective of whether you are a boy or a girl, it is absolutely essential that you are in your best behavior. Be courteous, jovial and exhibit a good sense of humor if possible. Everybody appreciates a witty person! But remember not to be too importunate, which brings us to the next point…


  • Do not try to fake an attractive personality! You cannot fake anyone for too long and are bound to get caught.
  • Be prepared for rejection: If you find the other person is not going about you, it is time to accept defeat. Be prepared to move on. But don’t lose your heart yet. Continue dating!
  • You can also check out your friends’ profiles for interesting and like-minded people to date. You never know when and where you can bump on to Mr. /Miss Perfect! And friends of friends have always been good to compare notes on.

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